Managing Remote Replication

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** Please Note: This is a Hitachi Vantara course. Merit Career Development is an authorized training provider for Hitachi Vantara. **

This course provide information on in-depth specifications, operations, and troubleshooting of Hitachi TrueCopy Heterogeneous Remote Replication.

The emphasis of this course is placed on managing replications with Command Control Interface (CCI) software. Additional material covers Hitachi Global Active Device, Hitachi Universal Replication Manager and Hitachi Ops Center Protector features. The classroom sessions are supported by lab exercises.

Learning Objectives

When you complete this course, you should be able to:
  • Describe the key features and operations of Hitachi TrueCopy Remote Replication bundle
  • Configure and operate a TrueCopy replication using Storage Navigator
  • Use CCI for TrueCopy pair operations
  • Use RAIDCOM configuration setting commands to make changes to replication configurations.
  • Describe Global-Active Device
  • Describe various Three Data Center (3DC) configurations
  • Describe Hitachi Replication Manager (HRpM) interface and operations

Topics & Content

Content Modules
  • Hitachi TrueCopy Internals and Storage Navigator Operations
  • Hitachi TrueCopy Configuration and System Performance
  • Hitachi Universal Replicator (HUR) Overview
  • Hitachi Global-Active Device Overview
  • Hitachi Replication Manager (HRpM) Overview
  • Command Control Interface (CCI) Software Overview
  • Replication Operations with Command Control Interface (CCI) Software
Learning Activities - Labs
  • TrueCopy Configuration and Operations
  • RAIDCOM Configuration Setting Operations (Optional)
  • Hitachi Replication Manager Operations (Optional)

Course Information

Course Code: TXI6753
Delivery Method: 3 Day Instructor-Led
Target Audience: Install and Support

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