About Merit and the GSA

Training Available through the GSA

Your choice of a training partner is possibly the most important factor in determining the success of your agency's mission. Merit Career Development works side by side with our Federal, State and Local Government clients to create efficient and responsive training services that meet each agency's objectives.

Merit understands the unique requirements of Government agencies and provides the highest quality training at a reasonable price, ensuring the responsible and rewarding use of taxpayer money. Whether it is in Human Resource Development, Leadership Training, Improving Communication Skills, or Project Management Training, Merit offers customized training solutions< that provide agencies with the tools they need to achieve maximum result.

Merit believes America's greatest asset is the people who make up this great nation and that is why we are dedicated to helping individuals reach their maximum potential with lifelong learning principles. Our curriculum is based on the pyramid of success: Leadership, Communication and Organization. People must know how to lead, must be able to communicate, and must be able to plan and organize for the future. These concepts, when integrated with an agency's mission, will help America continue to lead the world through the 21st century and beyond.

Workshop participant comments:

"Awesome - very helpful in understanding how to help people get more out of themselves and how to address issues in others."

"I loved it! I wish that our supervisors and Branch Chiefs had to take this."

"It was great. I learned lots of useful material that I can put into practice."

"Very informative with practical applications."

"Very good - would highly recommend it."

For additional information on how Merit can assist you, please contact one of our Government Sales Representatives.