What is SimulTrain®?

SimulTrain® is a computer based project management training simulator. Just as with airline pilots, the need to train, test, and prepare people to face all types of challenges in a controlled but stressful environment helps to produce eminently capable and professional talent. The system offers the simulation of a selected project encompassing all of the events that typically occur in a real-life situation: the client who insists on changing requirements; the department head who refuses to supply necessary resources; conflict in the workplace; as well as the technical difficulties which crop up at the absolutely worst times.

A complex mix of human factors is integrated into the simulation highlighting issues of personal motivation, accountability, and team dynamics. Decisions will have to be made that have significant impact on not only cost and schedules, but also on a wide array of human factors.

Training takes place in teams of four over two or three sessions. The team is confronted with numerous situations demanding quick decision-making. Learning points include not only reinforcement of basic Project Management skills but also human factors such as communication, leadership, negotiation, and conflict resolution. Some of the best learning takes place with teams composed of participants with varying skill levels from seasoned PMPs to relative novices.

Participants will find themselves in front of the project simulator where they will be able to put into practice their respective knowledge, look for original solutions, try out new strategies and see immediate results. The system provides immediate feedback and an insightful critique for each decision the team makes. Some of the most effective adult learning comes as a result of analyzing our mistakes. The simulation permits and accelerates this process.

Successful participants will hone skills needed to bring a project in on time, on budget, and at the appropriate quality level. Every decision made has a significant impact on every individual involved in a project. One decision may, for example, please management but de-motivate employees resulting in lower productivity, increased mistakes, and increased absenteeism or any combination of the above.

Every participant leaves the training with enhanced project management skills which will vastly improve their job performance the minute they return to their workplace.

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