Installing Hitachi Advanced Server DS7000 Series

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** Please Note: This is a Hitachi Vantara course. Merit Career Development is an authorized training provider for Hitachi Vantara. **

This 3-day, instructor-led course provides an overview of the various available models of Hitachi Advanced Servers DS7000 and their architecture. You will learn about specific use cases and Hitachi Unified Compute Platform solutions supported with the DS7000 server series.

In this course, you will learn how to set up and configure your service laptop, perform hardware installation and cabling tasks, use the server management tools, and configure the BIOS settings. In addition, you will learn to perform parts replacement procedures, maintenance and firmware upgrade tasks for the DS7000 server. Later you will be able to troubleshoot server issues.

Learning Objectives

When you complete this course, you should be able to:
  • Explain where to find and how to use the Solution Documentation
  • Explain the Hitachi Advanced Server DS7000 series architecture and use cases
  • Perform hardware installation and cabling tasks
  • Describe the management interface and BIOS configuration options
  • Perform maintenance, support and hardware replacement tasks
  • Describe the best practices for troubleshooting server issues

Topics & Content

Content Modules
  • Documentation and Hardware Overview
  • Installing and Cabling
  • Management Interface and BIOS Configuration
  • DS7160 Architecture
  • Architecture Storage Details
  • Storage Controller Management Interfaces
  • Maintenance, Monitoring and Hardware Replacement
  • Storage Option Disk Drive Replacement
  • Troubleshooting
Learning Activities - Labs
  • DS7000 Lab Logical View
  • Component Identification
  • DS7000 Installation and Setup
  • DS7000 Operating System Installation
  • DS7000 Server Partitioning
  • Remote Hardware Management (Optional)
  • DS7000 Storage Setup
  • DS7000 SATA Disk Setup
  • DS7000 URS Installation
  • DS7000 Storage Management StorCLI (Optional)
  • DS7000 MegaRaid Storage Manager (Optional)
  • DS7000 SAN Storage (Optional)
  • DS7000 Hitachi Remote Ops Monitor Agent
  • DS7000 Hitachi Insight Care
  • DS7000 iCare Firmware Update (Optional)
  • DS7000 Firmware Update
  • DS7000 CLI Firmware Update (Optional)

Course Information

Course Code: THI3497
Delivery Method: 3 Day Instructor-Led
Target Audience: Install and Support

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