Hitachi Content Platform Retention and Compliance

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** Please Note: This is a Hitachi Vantara course. Merit Career Development is an authorized training provider for Hitachi Vantara. **

This course provides advanced skills and knowledge about Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) Retention and Compliance. The course explains how to set up different retention settings and apply them to objects during data ingestion.

Hands-on lab activities are intended to build the skills necessary to reinforce the course material.

Learning Objectives

When you complete this course, you should be able to:
  • Describe retention and how it is related to compliance
  • List some compliance standards
  • Perform various retention settings
  • Ingest objects with different methods and modify their retention settings
  • Explain how a legal hold can impact the retention settings of an object
  • Identify the differences between retention modes
  • List modern compliance features of Hitachi Content Platform

Topics & Content

Content Modules
  • Introduction
  • Retention and Compliance Overview
  • Objects Retention
  • Modern Features
  • Wrap Up
Learning Activities - Labs
  • Retention Mode Setup
  • Creating Retention and Retention Classes
  • Ingestion and Retention
  • S3 API Ingestion and EBR Settings

Course Information

Course Code: TCI6776
Delivery Method: 2 Day Instructor-Led
Target Audience: Administration

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