Hitachi Content Platform Replication

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** Please Note: This is a Hitachi Vantara course. Merit Career Development is an authorized training provider for Hitachi Vantara. **

This course provides information on how replication works. It gives you insight on various link topologies and enables you to understand replication monitoring, failover management and Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) recovery with a replica.

Additionally, hands-on lab activities will enable you to gain practical experience and knowledge on how to set up replication between HCP systems.

Learning Objectives

When you complete thiss course, you should be able to:
  • Identify the Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) solution and latest updates
  • Discuss the HCP's replication functionalities
  • Describe the various available HCP replication topologies
  • Identify the configuration process for HCP replication
  • Describe the HCP Erasure Coding based replication
  • Explain the hardware and networking considerations for HCP replication
  • Explain how to monitor and manage the HCP replication process

Topics & Content

Content Modules
  • HCP Replication Overview
  • HCP Update
  • HCP Replication Technologies
  • HCP Replication Configuration
  • HCP Erasure Coding Replication Topology
  • Hitachi Content Platform Replication
  • Monitoring and Managing HCP Replication
Learning Activities - Labs
  • Unidirectional Active/Passive Replication Setup
  • Bidirectional Active/Passive Replication Setup
  • Active/Active Replication Ring Setup Using Three HCP Systems and Testing
  • Erasure Coding Replication Topology Setup Using Three HCP Systems

Course Information

Course Code: TXI6754
Delivery Method: 2 Day Instructor-Led
Target Audience:

  • Install and Support
  • Implement and Integrate

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