Ethics in the Workplace


During the course of one's business career an individual will come across a number of ethical issues. Mishandling these can irrevocably damage one's reputation, career and an organization. Many ethical issues in business are somewhat predictable and knowing the correct course of action is the key to ethical conduct. Merit's Business Ethics course addresses the practical side of ethics; how to manage and respond to the predictable ethical issues that one encounters regularly in the workplace. The workshop is designed to help the audience improve their ethical thinking and decision making, with an emphasis on applying these skills to workplace challenges and includes interesting and highly relevant case studies.

Learning Objectives

  • Dispel common myths about business ethics
  • Describe the ideal ethical workplace
  • Resolve conflicts of interest
  • Implement ethics guidelines and policies in your organization
  • Identify and resolve typical ethical dilemmas
  • Decide what is right
  • Recognize common excuses for unethical behavior, and what to do about them
  • Deal with unethical coworkers, customers and vendors
  • Describe two approaches to resolving ethical issues

Topics & Content

  • What is business ethics
  • Common ethical problems
  • How to create an ethical workplace
  • Tools to support an ethical workplace
  • Applying ethics in the real world
  • Group activities
  • Decision Confidence assessment
  • Myths about business ethics
  • Ethical dilemma practice exercises
  • Ethical problems of supervisors and managers
  • Prescriptive approach to resolving ethical issues
  • Psychological approach to resolving ethical issues
  • Managing for ethical conduct

Course Information

Course Code: PD205
Delivery Method: 1 Day Instructor-Led
Target Audience:

  • Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Supervisors
  • Employees

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