Find out why a leading, global pharmaceutical company successfully used Merit's Project Management with Simulation workshop for a broader audience than PMs. (Hint: Team Building!)

PM Training with Simulation
- Mike's Perspective

SimulTrain® Executive Overview Comments

What parts of the workshop were most valuable and/or beneficial to you?

"The simulation created a realistic situation to enhance learning."

"To see all the changes and interruptions of trying to run the project."

"The online tool to facilitate a complete project. Overall simulation of an actual work they with interruptions."

"Simulation tool in the group discussions."

"Working as a small team."

"Realistic questions and interruptions and decision points."

"Participating with a group and having the real-time stressors effect time in decision-making."

"To see the real - life impact of decisions helped crystallize use of the project management process."

"Simulation - real-time effect of decisions."

"The simulation exercise."

"Simulation - very engaging, very interactive and very fun."

"Team interactions."

"The simulation was very valuable."

"The teambuilding aspect."

"The planning session in the project management showed you the importance of a parallel response rather than sequential."

"Learning strategic project resource planning."

"Simulation, orientation presentation."

"Immediate feedback on the effectiveness of the planning and decision making."

"The concept as a whole was entering interesting and useful."

"Learning the tool and meeting people."

"Test self-evaluation, decision-making."

"The hands-on training, complex situation working, teamwork, communication in the team."

"Teamwork - seeing the schedule, interactive software."

"Great tool; project management."

"Gantt charts."

Imagine that a coworker asks: what was the workshop like for you? How will you respond?

"It simulated a learning experience for project management."

"It was interactive, challenging and helped me understand all the moving parts of a project."

"Very informative; active experience, I encourage you to attend."

"Very good learning experience; interactive."

"Interesting tool. I thought it was more project management focused."

"Working exercise to practice dealing with project management challenges."


"It was fun and I learned to appreciate the detail responsibility with project management and the constant changing and reallocation of resources."

"It was a lot of fun and informative. I would definitely recommend taking it!"

"Interactive, fun, educational points are visualized in the simulation as you work through the project."

"It was a fun learning experience."

"I would describe the simulation and talk about interaction and fun."

"Informative - team and personal goal achievement. Great way to further knowledge of project management, scheduling, problem solving and cost control."

"Team oriented, problem solving."

"It made me go back to basics and think about what needs to be done in a strategic rather than task focus."

"A good use of my time - refresher on important planning and resource management topics."

"Good skill building, good location in time, seven PDUs."

"Fun, learned a lot, got seven PDUs."

"Very good and helpful."


"Very informative and great learning tool."

"It was great. I learned a lot - the best way possible - I making mistakes and learning from them."

"Great learning opportunity."

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