Seven Excellent Reasons to Use SimulTrain®

Take a Peek at SimulTrain® in Action
  1. SimulTrain® integrates all aspects of project management into a coherent whole: In addition to cost and deadline, it models the human factors and, at the same time, takes personal motivation, accountability and teamwork into account.
  2. Learning by making mistakes: In the simulation, each action - whether good or bad - leads to immediate feedback. The consequences of each decision are immediately visible, thereby accelerating the learning process.
  3. A simulation used by leading companies: Many important companies successfully use SimulTrain®, including 3M, Bosch, Coca-Cola, IKEA, Nestle, Roche, Saint-Gobain, Siemens, UPS and Xerox.
  4. Close to reality: The SimulTrain® software was created on the basis of a large survey, where 800 project managers were questioned. That is why those who use SimulTrain® find it so "close to reality".
  5. Two-in-one training: SimulTrain® doesn't only teach project management but helps develop the skills needed to work and make decisions as a team in situations of stress.
  6. Knowledge that will never be forgotten: With an emphasis on the playful and creative side of SimulTrain® participation, the simulator is a fascinating and motivating instrument that enthralls its users and guarantees that the acquired knowledge will not be forgotten.
  7. Finally, an opportunity for practicing execution phase of a project! Other exercises and case studies rarely cover the execution phase of a project - this is where SimulTrain® distinguishes itself, for it generates all kinds of unexpected events, problems, delays or conflicts.

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