Gantt Chart

Training is conducted with teams of four participants, in two or three sessions of 3-4 hours each. Each team is given one computer that runs the simulation program.

Participants will find themselves in front of the project simulator where they will be able to put into practice their respective knowledge, look for original solutions, try out new strategies and see immediate results. Teams are confronted with many different situations that require quick decisions, while taking all project parameters into account (cost, deadlines, quality, and human factors). The system provides immediate feedback and an insightful critique for each decision the team makes. Some of the most effective adult learning comes as a result of analyzing mistakes. The simulation permits and accelerates this process.

The simulator involves multimedia technology: the teams receive constant communications such as phone calls, emails, and voice mails, thus immersing them in a pressure packed project atmosphere.

At the end of each session the participants assess the decisions they made and present lessons learned in a formal presentation to all of the other teams.

Simulation Scenarios

SimulTrain® is available in eight separate project scenarios:

  • Agile
  • Reorganization
  • Oil and Gas
  • Global CRM
  • IT project
  • Marketing project
  • Sport event project
  • Product development project

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