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SimulTrain is a web-based simulation system that provides the users with a real-world project management experience and highly effective training. It covers the planning and execution phases of a medium-sized project including all the challenges, disruptions, and inter-personal issues that a real project would encounter during its life cycle. SimulTrain motivates learners to acquire core project management competencies, strengthen team-building, and develop leadership skills.

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A LinkedIn search for 'Project Manager' typically yields more than 317,000 results; a Google search of 'Project Management Trainers' yields about 66.1 million hits. As a dealer offering the uniquely realistic Project Management experience, SimulTrain will help differentiate your company from the many in this field. This differentiator will help you increase your business and build long-term client loyalty.

Although not as common in the U.S., this simulator has been used in more than 50 countries and contributed to the training of more than 150,000 project managers around the world. "Players" enjoy working on a project, making decisions under pressure, and being able to make mistakes without the potential consequences in their real workplace. Research shows that learning by means of simulation increases retention to over 90%!

Learning project management through this simulation experience makes a lasting impression. Merit received a call from a client seven (7) years after an on-site project management class with SimulTrain requesting a replay for his organization. You can build a long-term, enduring client base like this as well.

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