The team at Merit has helped organizations grow their leaders, increase engagement, productivity and morale, and we've helped them reach and surpass their goals.

We have applied this expertise to develop leaders in businesses large and small in a wide range of industries from pharmaceutical and technology to manufacturing and professional services; for-profit and not-for-profit.

Strategic Planning

As our current workforce ages and baby boomers continue to retire in record numbers, is your organization prepared to fill those key positions? Our experienced team at Merit works with you to construct succession plans that prepare them for tomorrow and beyond.

What Merit Does How Our Clients Benefit
Identify critical positions within your organization Map your organizational chart so that your are proactive with talent development and recruiting
Involve senior leadership and maintain transparency and buy-in Maintain support and input from all key stakeholders
Examine the existing talent pool to determine the source of new talent Define your available talent landscape, both internal and external
Develop the pipeline and development path required Accelerate talent development with focused activites and results

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Leader Development

Whether aspiring or new in their position, all leaders need the skills and confidence to make good decisions, lead by example, and motivate their people with sensitivity and firmness. For these individuals, Merit customizes our approach to assure leaders are prepared to become exemplary leaders in their fields.

What Merit Does How Our Clients Benefit
Align leadership development activities with your competency framework Ensure that your investment in leadership development/training is not just "flavor of the month"
Develop custom curricula that is focused on implementation beyond the classroom Post leadership development implementation activities and action plans result in immediate ROI for the organization
Design a sustained leadership learning structure that yields highly talented leaders Become an employer-of-choice for aspiring talent seeking a place to make a contribution

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