Content Development and Curriculum Design

"If learning of quality is to happen the choice of form and technique is a matter of some consequence. Where the aim is excellence there is need for careful selection."

Roby Kidd (1973)

One size does not fit all!

Every organization is unique. If cookie-cutter training methods are not getting your organization to the next level, Merit Career Development can provide customized courses to help meet your ever-changing training challenges.

Merit follows a 6-step process for course development. Our clients provide critical input for design, execution and pre- and post-evaluation.

Merit's Instructional Design Methodology

At Merit Career Development, we follow the current principles of adult learning centered on the Progressive Philosophy of education (a learner-centric approach) and Experiential Learning Principles. Our courses engage the learner, draw on prior knowledge, present realistic scenarios which encourage the retention and transfer of new knowledge and skills for implementation in the workplace.

Merit Career Development delivers unrivaled customized courses because we work directly with our clients to define learning objectives and goals. Throughout the design of a course, we work our clients to incorporate all relevant elements and real workplace examples into the course.

Merit's custom designed courses allows for quick absorption of material and immediate application to the workplace!

Stay ahead of your competition with unparalleled, tailored training programs that impact your bottom line!

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