Adaptive Learning

Ultimate Personalization - Maximum Business Impact

Since no two brains are alike, why should training be designed as if they're identical? You probably agree that ideally training would be customized to each learner based on the knowledge each person already has and the way they process information. Ideally, but then you assume that cost be an issue - a major obstacle, possibly.

That's why we searched out and found a technology partner, Area9 Learning, who created a science-based adaptive learning solution to this challenge. It's so brilliant, that it is totally customizable and cost-effective - even for the largest of organizations at a nominal cost per learner. The Area9 adaptive platform combines cognitive neuroscience and computer science with your content. It has been tested and reported that this technique reduces training time by up to 50%, guarantees proficiency and makes lasting impact on careers and business outcomes.

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive, Personalization

Traditional e-learning is "one-size-fits-none" -- boring, inefficient and ineffective. The Area9 industry-leading "biological" adaptive engine personalizes your training at the point of delivery - giving every learner a unique experience tailored to his or her needs. Yes, with the adaptive learning platform, we can effectively recreate and scale the experience one would get with a one-on-one tutor.

Most important and unique about adaptive learning, is that this process understands how each individual progresses through his or her learning, keeps track of what has been learned, and the content that is still needed to learn. That's the role of the biological model.

Raised Hands

Features of the Adaptive Learning platform:

  • Formative assessment-based approach to teaching
  • Fully adaptive (personalized)
  • Confidence assessment
  • Recharge-personalized refresher to ensure maintenance of proficiency
  • Offline capability on iOS and Android
  • Library of all learning resources

Formative Assessment-Based Approach to Teaching

What? In a nutshell, this means teaching by asking questions. Identifying what the learner knows (doesn't know) and needs to learn. We ask questions, or probes, throughout the process to drive the adaptive engine. The questions provide a comprehensive assessment of the learner's understanding of the material, confidence in the answers, and the content that needs to be taught. The length of time required to answer each question is also factored into the confidence.

Area 9

Confidence Assessment

Confidence Levels

Answering questions is one aspect of the adaptive approach, but equally important is the learner's confidence in his or her answer. Every probe checks for confidence - did the learner this he or she knew the answer - and compares that to how the person actually performed. We use this in many ways in the adaptive engine, but one major outcome is the measurement of "unconscious incompetence" - things the learners thought they knew, but didn't.

Unconscious incompetence is a hidden cost of business - typically 20% of what employees think they know is actually incorrect.

Recharge: Personalized Refresher to Ensure Maintenance of Proficiency

The human brain requires multiple exposures to stimuli to build long-term memories. The adaptive learning platform addresses these cognitive gaps to help exploit them. The platform repeats exposure to each learner's most difficult learning items to "recharge" memories and drive understanding of difficult content.

Adaptive Learning Technology

Data shows that employees can be between 20-40% "unconsciously incompetent" in critical competencies that they are required to master in order to perform their jobs. Employees who are "unconsciously incompetent" about product features (or about any aspect of work) are a huge liability and an obstacle to unleashing the full potential of your business.

Adaptive Learning Infographic

Adaptive learning technologies can highlight where employees have knowledge gaps and re-mediate these gaps. That will increase overall competence and reduce liability, improving both company financial performance and the learner's experience.

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