Workplace Communications


Workplace Communications provides the critical communication skills necessary to succeed in the current commercial or public sector environment. Each of the workshop modules addresses key skill areas, and together they provide a solid foundation for effective workplace communication. The workshop is comprised of four sections: Effective Listening, Voicemail, Business Writing and Giving and Receiving Feedback

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize opportunities in the workplace for more effective communication
  • Master active listening skills to enhance work relationships and increase effectiveness
  • Enhance written communication skills across various business formats
  • Write effective emails
  • Demonstrate professional voice mail etiquette
  • Provide a method and techniques to give and receive feedback
  • Design an Action Plan to reinforce and transfer learning to the workplace

Topics & Content

  • The Communication Loop
  • Impression management
  • Leave effective voice messages
  • Proper voicemail etiquette and behaviors
  • Writing strategies and skills to communicate more effectively and explicitly in business communications
  • Email best practices
  • Effective methods to write business correspondence
  • Feedback models and techniques for effective, non-threatening, respectful ways to give and receive feedback
  • Course Information

    Course Code: PD204
    Delivery Method: 2 Day Instructor-Led
    Target Audience: This course is designed for personnel in the private or public workforce that wish to improve their on-the-job communication skills.

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