Schedule and Cost Control


A Project Manager is usually the one individual primarily responsible for ensuring a project is delivered on time, within budget and to the desired level of quality. Balancing these three constraints are integral to a successfully managed project. This course examines project scope, requirements management, time management, cost control, and the important relationship between the concepts. The class leads the participant through the processes required to successfully define the project requirements and break them down into the tasks and activities that are required to produce a project schedule that meets the sponsor's timeline and budget.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the need for scope management
  • Define terms related to scope and requirements
  • How to maintain scope and avoid scope creep
  • Describe how to develop a requirements tree
  • Distinguish between source and derived requirements
  • Describe the concepts of allocation and traceability
  • Developing and maintaining the Requirements Traceability Matrix
  • Change management as it relates to scope, schedule, and cost
  • Understand resources and how to assign tasks
  • Define cost management concepts and terminology
  • Understand the major processes of cost management including cost estimating, cost budgeting, and cost control

Topics & Content

  • How scope is managed through requirements
  • Developing source and derived requirements
  • Developing a schedule using networks and tasks
  • Allocating and leveling resources to effect schedule
  • Cost Estimating
  • Cost Budgeting
  • Cost Control

Course Information

Course Code: PM203
Delivery Method:
2 Day Instructor-Led
4 Half-Days Online

Target Audience: Project managers, General managers, Team leaders and individuals responsible for risk management

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