Professional Negotiating Skills


Professional Negotiating Skills is designed for individuals responsible for business development, project management, and those having a customer-facing role. The awareness, theory, techniques and skills acquired in this program enables participants to markedly improve their business and personal negotiated results. An analysis of the personal default settings leads the participants to know their personal assets and liabilities in negotiating situations. The use of multiple simulations enables the participants to practice techniques and skills to enhance their assets significantly and minimize the impact of their liabilities and deliver consistently better negotiated results.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how perception, expectation and behavior relate to negotiated results
  • Assess and predict how personal differences impact negotiations
  • Judge and create strategies to deal with each negotiating style
  • Evaluate personal shortcomings and their implications on negotiations
  • Understand how illogical and irrational behaviors impact negotiated outcomes
  • Demonstrate use of and respond to still relevant traditional negotiating tactics
  • Demonstrate and improve negotiating skills with simulations
  • Master questioning ability
  • Knowing when negotiating is appropriate
  • Create a personal negotiating improvement plan

Topics & Content

  • The four conventional theories of negotiation
  • Generational, gender and cognitive biases
  • Hofstede's cultural compass and cultural canvas
  • Negotiating styles and the Global Five
  • Gain and/or relationship?
  • Time, Pressure, Illusion and Authority tactics
  • Multiple relevant, custom tailored simulations
  • Basic and advance questioning techniques
  • Problem types and applicability to negotiation
  • Plan for reentry

Course Information

Course Code: PD200
Delivery Method: 2 Day Instructor-Led
Target Audience: This course is designed for all personnel in the private or public business sectors from the entry to expert level project management, business development and/or have a customer-facing role

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