Managing Organizational Change


In today's dynamic business environment, organizations must continually evolve and change to meet the demands of the marketplace. Not only are managers at the forefront of the change process, they are subject to the impact of changes taking place. This course is designed to guide managers through the organizational change process, provide them with techniques to guide their teams through the turbulence, and help them overcome resistance to change.

Learning Objectives

  • List six types of change managers
  • Explain why organizations change
  • Discuss pressures driving organizational change
  • Distinguish types of changes in organizations
  • Discuss broad, radical, fundamental changes to an organization's core business processes
  • Describe change implementation challenges
  • Recognize resistance to change
  • Select strategies to communicate change
  • Apply change methods

Topics & Content

  • Types of organizational changes
  • Manager styles: Director, Navigator, Caretaker, Coach, Interpreter, and Nurturer
  • Various change management approaches from noted leaders including Lewin and Kubler-Ross
  • Behavioral signs of resistance
  • Reasons for resistance
  • Overcoming resistance strategies
  • Skills for communicating change
  • Sustaining change

Course Information

Course Code: LD202
Delivery Method:
2 Day Instructor-Led
4 Half-Days Online

Target Audience: Executives, Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors and Emerging Leaders

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