Customer Conversations - What NOT to say or do!


This workshop provides the critical communication skills necessary to succeed in today's customer-driven business environment. Topics covered address key skill areas for building a solid customer relationship as well as tools to prevent the wrong message from accidentally slipping out and potentially eroding an important budding relationship. Prior to class, attendees will complete online assessments measuring meaning-centered communication and listening skills. The results will be interpreted and discussed during the online session. Techniques to improve communication skills form the core of this workshop.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover one's communication orientation (online, prior to class)
  • Apply meaning-centered communication at work
  • Assess the impact of your communications and listening efforts on others
  • Focus on the needs and concerns of the client/customer
  • Develop skills and behaviors that enhance communication
  • Create effective, clear, concise and coherent electronic communication

Topics & Content

  • Meaning-Centered Communication
  • Listening skills assessment
  • Active listening as the vehicle for understanding others
  • Techniques to help the listener elicit the true meaning of the message sent and eliminate confusion or misinterpretations
  • Active listening and other skills to enhance work relationships and increase effectiveness in customer environments

Course Information

Course Code: PD107
Delivery Method: 3 Hour Online
Target Audience: This course is ideal for customer facing personnel at all levels

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