James Ranieri, MBA

James Ranieri
James J. Ranieri is an independent consultant and President & CEO of theNavigatorGroup, a consulting firm focused on negotiations, collaborative group process, sales excellence and strategy development. He has served as sales and business executive with over 35 years of experience in multiple businesses. In addition to his sales and business roles, Jim has had extensive experience in Customer Engagement, Customer Relationship Management, and Talent Development. Mr. Ranieri leverages his expertise and experience in teaching leadership and personal development coursed for Merit Career Development.

Mr. Ranieri has taught leadership and personal development to a myriad of audiences with greatly varying levels of experience levels. He is an adjunct professor at Muhlenberg College and a lecturer at Lehigh University, and the author of Mindful Manipulation and Stop Blaming the Fish. He is a polished and dynamic speaker and exceptional facilitator with an uncanny ability to read his audiences and deliver a meaningful experience. In his first book, Mindful Manipulation, he explained the thoughtful practice of understanding the Other's perceptions and expectations, then influencing and shaping them through civil, consistent and purposeful behaviors to create consistently mutually advantageous negotiated results.

Prior joining the Merit team, Mr. Ranieri's career has spanned the Chemical, Automotive, Information Technology, Military, Pharmaceutical, Insurance and Healthcare business sectors. He is a former U. S. Air Force aviator, holds an engineering degree from the Missouri University of Science & Technology and an MBA.

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