Dave Murray, Ph.D

Dave Murray Dave Murray currently serves as Assistant Dean of Information Technology and Clinical Assistant Professor at William & Mary's Mason School of Business Administration with a PhD from the University of Michigan and an MBA and BSc (Mathematics) from Concordia University, Montreal. Dave currently teaches in the area of information technology at both graduate and undergraduate levels.  Prior to joining the William & Mary faculty, he taught at the University of Michigan Business School. Dave is a co-founder and partner at Cayuga Partners. Dave joins the Merit team as an academic advisor in its Supply Chain Leadership curriculum.

Dave's research interests are focused on the role that information technology plays in manufacturing and supply chain design and analysis, with emphasis on the ways that information technology can be used to improve the coordination of value-adding activities among firms in the supply chain. His pursuit of these interests has involved the development of comprehensive computer-based simulation models, and his teaching interests are directed towards the use of models of this type in the classroom.

Dave Murray has over 20 years of experience in the information systems field and has held senior positions within large organizations in systems programming, operations and systems development, marketing and strategic planning, with extensive hands-on experience in modeling, logistics system design and operation.  He has worked extensively in the railroad industry, leading a project to redesign Canadian National Railways' information systems to support company's business strategy.  As a world-renowned expert on transportation logistics Dave has also consulted with Indian Railways, Brazilian Railways, and the Kowloon Canton Railway.

As a consultant to industry and the public sector, Dave has offered his supply chain management expertise to well-known organizations in numerous fields including Amazon.com, Avon, Accenture, Aspen Technology, General Motors, Philip Morris USA, the Commonwealth of Virginia, Trinova and Whirlpool.  Dave collaborated with his Cayuga Partners colleagues to develop a custom collaborative demand planning tool that saved Eaton Aeroquip Corporation millions of dollars, and an innovative strategic planning model used by Philip Morris to evaluate the impact and feasibility of long-term plans on operations.  Dave recently completed a project for the Transportation Security Administration, "Operation Restore", to provide a real-time decision support model to improve the re-routing of maritime and inland transportation should a major port close for an extended time for any reason, including a terrorist incident.

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