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Six Sigma Master Black Belt

The Six Sigma Master Black Belt runs the Six Sigma program. Other responsibilities include designing and implementing ongoing training programs to support the program, serving as the statistical expert, and selecting and tracking the project portfolio. Successful completion of at least 10 Black Belt projects is also required for this certification. This class prepares the student for the certification exam as well has how to prepare the project portfolio to submit for review.

Learning Objectives

  • Overview of Master Black Belt requirements
  • The project portfolio
  • The areas of knowledge
  • Practical performance testing
  • Enterprise-wide planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Infrastructure
  • Improvement methodologies
  • Pipeline management
  • Organizational management
  • Organizational design
  • Leadership roles
  • Organizational challenges
  • Change management
  • Performance metrics

Topics & Content

  • Curriculum and materials
  • Measuring effectiveness
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Executives and champions
  • Teams and individuals
  • Data management
  • Capability and control
  • Relationships among variables
  • Design of experiments
  • Project portfolio management
  • Project management
  • Portfolio infrastructure
  • Financial tools
  • Training design and delivery
  • Needs analysis
  • Training plans

Course Information

Course Code: SIG701
Duration: 10 days
Targeted Audience: This course is intended for those responsible for designing and implementing Six Sigma training programs.

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