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Generation Gaps - Are you bridging or widening them?

Differences in attitudes, customs, and beliefs shape generations – and it is these generations who are charged with meeting company objectives and achieving organizational goals. Each generation’s structures, rules, characteristics, values, vocabulary, and style are different. And now, with five generations working together, such differences may lead to tension, stress, and conflict. They can also lead to innovation, greater productivity, and organizational success. This workshop engages participants in discussions regarding the generations, the markers used in identifying them, and how these then impact behaviors exhibited in the workplace such as communication, authority, leadership, values and priorities. Preferences and strategies for addressing differences are discussed to ensure participants recognize the benefits of diversity and inclusion.

Learning Objectives

  • Define the generations and associated attributes
  • Uncover personal stereotypes
  • Recognize the impact on workplace behaviors
  • Identify and implement ways to eliminate obstacles impacting productivity
  • Celebrate the unique qualities we all possess

Topics & Content

  • The business case
  • Gaps at work
  • Where do you fit
  • What is a generation
  • Markers, imprint, impact
  • Labels and lies
  • Practical exercises
  • Changing patterns

Course Information

Course Code: PD112
Duration: 4 hours
Targeted Audience: This course is designed for Leaders, Managers, Supervisors and Employees

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