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F. Richard Armento

F. Richard Armento

A subject matter expert and Project Management instructor, Dick Armento brings seasoned insight to systems design and integration. He has led the management of applications software development in both scientific and engineering projects as well as library systems and law enforcement agencies.

As part of the management team at Unisys, he designed a worldwide Project Management Internal Certification Program that increased the number of PMI and IPMA project managers from 12 to over 500. This program balanced lecture and case study exercises and included the nine knowledge areas defined by the PMI. This experience is reflected in the design of the Merit Systems LLC course, Project Management Best Practices, and other Merit Project Management custom offerings. The success of the Unisys program was due to Dick's Train-the-Trainer Program, which assisted foreign divisions in developing trainers to propagate the project management training in their local geography.

In addition to the Unisys PM training program mentioned above, Dick's project management experience includes managing worldwide programs to rollout Sales Force Automation training with Siebel and creating and delivering seminars to inform Unisys personnel of plans and directions in the Information Services Organization. Additionally, Dick has completed projects for Province of Quebec Police Force, Australian Post Office and the Pennsylvania State Police. He also has conducts PM training at local colleges.

Dick earned his bachelor's degree from Norwich University and is a member of the Project Management Institute.